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11.19 AM Thursday, 9th of September, 2010 - PJ: Admit it!
Tell me, again. I am famous. Hahaha

01.22 AM Thursday, 9th of September, 2010 - Repost: Urban Dictionary
 Please tell me I am famous, once again.
11.10 PM Monday, 6th of September, 2010 - Apathy
On my way home, I rode a PUV from Cubao Farmers - SSS Village. I was sitting at the rear with two adult woman and man. They dont look like couples because the man sitting beside me was not wearing any wedding ring. Me, being eavesdropper,  they were talking about the bar exams.

We were just waiting for one passenger.... a woman came in. She was wearing earphones listening to her music on her phone. When she sat down, her head was almost hitting the vehicle door, that the man beside me was waving near her face giving her warning that her head might hit the door! Within the three seconds that door was closing, the man's waving hands accidentally hit the girl's face. 

She was in shock that her face turned red in anger not knowing that the man was just concerned because she was listening to music! I do not blame her at all.

The older woman started whining that the man should have not shown his concern to anybody. Her reasoning was other people might perceive it differently - and she kept on grunting against the courtesy shown to the other girl in dismay.

I just realized that this world would not progress if people would have the older woman's thinking - apathy. That you think of yourself, your own welfare. The girl might have some mistake but everything happened so fast. 

The man just laid his jaw and chin and lulled himself into sleep as the other woman kept on grunting.
03.29 AM Wednesday, 1st of September, 2010 - Investigatory Project

Ever since, I have been wondering why Science projects are oftenly called, Investigatory than Investigative. I realized *inserts dumbwit logic here* that it sounds more of Communication Arts than scientific. Case closed!

Anyway, senior years in highschool - We were so stumped with so many requirements just to commence to college: feasibility studies, essay and research papers, investigatory projects, bible verses to memorize and all that jazz. I didnt have a decent computer that time or might be, I ended up modifying the Pboot or Mboot record of our old P1-based CPU when all the projects came in and I had to rush to complete them. pfft. I remember staying the night at my godmother's room to complete my financial statements, which in fact were wrong at first, but still, I continued until the whole 5 year terms of the projected income and expenses. LOL.

Then, it was time to cram for my Physics project. "Why do too much micronutrients harmful to plants." That was my Abstract or my Objective, as far as I could remember. A friend of mine suggested this pathetic idea. If I could have put more intuitive thinking into this, anything major major is harmful or not right. So I failed the objective LOL. Besides, this categorizes with Biology or Chemistry than Physics! Though the methodology and the rest of the research paper was done intensively that it coped up with the failing objective. Voila! 94 final grade on Physics!

OK, I typed too much. Anyway, we were paired to work on the Physics project. He was one of the nerd-looking type of highschool student you could find on the campus, but he was partly exotic-looking since he has some caucasian blood. I had to go to his room to start encoding what I researched.

I already had a devious idea what would I bring to make the boring encoding session spicy... M2M CDs! Haha. I wont be so descriptive how it started or it ended, but I was successful. Anyone who was so into juicy libido-spiking chismis in 4th Year - St. John section would know about this, and he WAS straight.... until now. No! Until that day. :P

And I had a chat with him on Facebook. May he record more novelty songs in the future. Yun na!


This should have been my entry to theorg-y but I decided to jsut keep it to my LJ.

01.13 AM Tuesday, 31st of August, 2010 - Jolley

This entry should have been posted as a microblogpost.

Anyway, its so good and uplifting to receive an email from someone very special; despite of the years you havent contacted with each other especially in times you need their help.

Thank you. You know who you are.

05.27 PM Tuesday, 24th of August, 2010 - Globe Chat Assist
Was he too friendly? Given too much info? Or I just lack in closing clues?

Page 1
DATE: 2010-08-24 15:23:38
INQUIRY: postpaid
[14:44:27] System message: You are now chatting with MJ
[14:44:32] MJ: Hi! how can I help you today?
[14:45:55] Adrian: Hi Mj
[14:46:05] Adrian: Can you unsubscribe me to Mobile Tweets?
[14:46:47] MJ: I am glad to assist you with your concern Sir, but before we proceed can I ask first
for your full name, Globe mobile number, other contact number and e-mail address please?
[14:47:19] Adrian: Adrian Cuyugan
[14:47:21] Adrian: 09175007931
[14:47:25] Adrian: adrian@foxyreign.com
[14:47:28] Adrian: *******
[14:48:47] MJ: thank you for those information.
[14:50:07] MJ: Let me get back to you on that. Please give me a 2-3 minutes to look for the
information you need.
[14:53:36] MJ: Hi,I am still trying to get the information you need. Can you give me 2 more
[14:54:42] Adrian: sure
[14:56:06] MJ: thank you for waiting
[14:56:33] MJ: To unsubscribe, text STOP @ then SEND it to 2363
[14:56:40] MJ: that is free of charge
[14:56:49] MJ: Txt TWEET to 2363 for free info.
[14:56:56] Adrian: ok got it
[14:57:41] MJ: okay sir, is there anything else that i can help you with/
[14:57:48] MJ: okay sir, is there anything else that i can help you with?*
[14:57:56] Adrian: how can i get unlimited suring within my glfex plan?
[14:58:39] MJ: may i have your handset model please?
[14:58:39] Adrian: surf*
[14:58:43] Adrian: iphone
[14:59:49] MJ: Let me get back to you on that. Please give me a 2-3 minutes to look for the
information you need.
[15:02:18] MJ: thank you for waiting
[15:04:38] Adrian: ok
[15:05:16] MJ: you can subscribe to super surf for 1200
[15:05:23] MJ: that is on top of the bill
[15:05:27] Adrian: will that be on top of my bill?
[15:05:28] Adrian: ah ok
[15:05:31] Adrian: thanks :)
Page 2
[15:05:55] MJ: yes sir, that is unlimited all day surfing that is good or 30 days
[15:10:54] MJ: are you already aware with the information
[15:11:51] Adrian: not really
[15:12:08] Adrian: im just confirming if i can avail of unlimited surfing within my consumable MSF
[15:12:45] MJ: no sir, that is on top of the bill still
[15:13:02] Adrian: ok
[15:13:06] Adrian: got it
[15:13:09] Adrian: thanks MJ :)
[15:13:36] MJ: yes isr, and for that
[15:13:50] MJ: if you are decided to avail the super surf 1200
[15:13:59] MJ: you may chat with us again
[15:14:06] MJ: or you may call the hotline
[15:14:14] MJ: to facilitate the request
[15:14:34] MJ: for us to process your request
[15:14:39] MJ: of super surf
[15:17:41] MJ: Hi, I have not received a response from you. Are you still there?
[15:19:09] Adrian: im still here
[15:19:15] Adrian: sorry was doing something
[15:19:20] Adrian: thanks for the info :)
[15:20:06] MJ: SUPER SURF PLAN is a new add-on data plan that offers unlimited chatting,
downloading, emailing and surfing for Globe mobile postpaid subscribers. Super Surf is suitable
for any kind of phone.
[15:20:33] MJ: Has a monthly service fee of P1,200. per month on top of the Globe mobile
postpaid plan monthly service fee. The MSF of Super Surf is charged to Globe bill.
[15:21:08] Adrian: im not interested for now
[15:21:33] Adrian: ill change plans anyway after lock in period so i can avail super surf or whatever
offer will be available next year
[15:22:24] MJ: i see, sir.
[15:22:42] MJ: okay. is there anything else that i can elp you with?
[15:23:01] Adrian: none else, thanks again MJ
[15:23:08] MJ: Thank you for using Globe's Chat Assist. I'm pleased to serve you anytime!
[15:23:37] System message : Chat Session has been ended by the chat assist representative
10.44 PM Monday, 23rd of August, 2010 - Bizarre Children’s Book
Children's book is starting to evolve. I was actually shocked when I saw this. But its happening.

05.18 AM Thursday, 19th of August, 2010 - Night Shift

This night shift schedule is starting to hit me. Technically, this should have started more than a quarter ago -issue with ISD and stuff which led for its gradual delay which was a good thing, actually.

When I joined here and I knew that it would be a shifting schedule because of the nature of Service Operations (haha ITIL v3 boast), I accepted the offer. But I wasnt expecting that it would be so drastic that you could have an 8-hour-difference-schedule-change in a week... twice!

All good for now. I just hope that it wont really strike my Circadian Rhythm big time. Besides, I cant handle any unstable decisions for the next two years until the rest of my family is settled. Again, all good.

This is just a daily rant. More to come! :D
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