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FoxyReign 英ドリ安
Metamorphize a Butterfly
Dreams in Pattern 
08.40 AM Sunday, 19th of September, 2010
Recently, likewise I mentioned, I have been forecasting events recently and they happen in real life by fate.

Whenever my boyfriend sleeps in my room with me, I always have bad dream. As in very very baaaaaaaaaaaaaahd. Though these dreams do not recur, but they have the same pattern. Too gruesome to discuss and put in writing. 

I am concerned that it might happen. Some poeple I know were in the dream. 

I will arrange things in my room and put back the salt I removed. If this dont help, like bring a priest or shaman?

[edit 20 Sept]
I just realized that it is my father's birthday on Friday. So I guess I have to ask some relatives to do a visit and pray for his soul.
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