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FoxyReign 英ドリ安
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4th Month 
01.33 AM Wednesday, 15th of September, 2010
Yesterday marks our 4th month celebration. Technically, he arrived before 12 midnight, so it still counts! 

Two days ago prior to yesterday, we had some issues. As expected, my apathetic attitude and insensitivity triggered our conjuncture. On his part, lack of communication. Both are work in progress, and I am surely working on this one PRAMIS! I just needed to be knocked off from time to time to get into my senses. Pardon for I lived in my independent way with very low emotional quotient.

He has been asking me if I wanted a pair of gym or leather shoes for work because my dancing shoes are broken. Almost impossible to be fixed unless they change the sole, but it was the only reason I bought those pairs (and please add the touch of pinkness on it :D). My right leather shoe looks like a rodent made its lunch on the sole - due to daily tear of use. This can be fixed anyway or Ill just buy a new one since I live in Marikina - hail ye to patriotism! I have been declining because he has given too much and besides, he doesnt know my shoe size. All he knows is just that the cross-training shoes should be pink; leather, on the other hand, should be wedgy-pointed-ish.

Earlier, as expected, he brought dimsums from Malate. Good thing I have 3 other guys here in the office doing nightshift because he brought 24 pieces of Kichai dimsums and 12 pieces of xiao long bao T_______T. At the back seat of the car was a metallic pink gift tied in a pale pink ribbon.

"This doesn't look like shoes to me", I grunted.

"Of, course its not!", he replied. He, then, laughed.

While I was unwrapping the uber tightly wrapped gift, I guess randomly, "Unless this is a hard drive..."

"How'd you know?"

WTF!??!?! Clarice and I were just drooling over CDR King external portable hard drives a few minutes ago before I went down to pick up my lunch. *inserts overwhelmness here*. Though its just 320GB, I can put my pron here and retain my personal files on the older hard drive. Still, I will continue to housekeep movies and TV series I already watched.

Like Clarice said, everything has becoming too overwhelming. *Reasons are intended not to be disclosed here. PM me if you want to eavesdrop*

To top it all, this is SO not me. But change is good sometimes, you just need to set afloat with it.

....now you can call me cheesy!
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